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Travel Plastic Free Senda Essentials
We packed our backpacks with anticipation as we had done many times before to start a new adventure in South East Asia, unaware how life changing the experience was about to be. We were hit once again by the impact plastic has in countries where logistics of waste management and environmental education are not in place, but this time with wider eyes. We made a conscious effort to be part of the solution and change our daily habits to reduce our single-use plastics, found ourselves the basic zero-waste tools we were lacking and guess what… it wasn’t nearly as hard as it may look!
Realising the effects of our small efforts the concept Senda was born on a motorbike trip in central Laos. Started to take shape on train rides across Vietnam and became a reality in a hut by the beach in a Filipino paradise.
Senda is not simply the products we bring to you, it is the belief that we can all reap a better tomorrow with the conscious choices made today.     
This is The Path We Sow™.
Senda aims to become a movement that brings nature loving explorers together, a network of conscious minded travellers aware of the path we sow. It’s the chance to leave cleaner footprints in the places we gain so much life experience from, yet rarely get the opportunity to give back to.
We are Hayden & Carla,
Welcome to Senda!
Travel Plastic Free Senda Essentials