Using Your Travel Essentials

Travel Plastic Free 800ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Stainless and Bamboo Lid BPA Free Senda Essentials
At Senda we truly believe in the small efforts, saying no to the convenient choices we are faced with daily whilst enjoying the wonders of new places and people. We believe any steps taken to reduce plastic consumption is a step forward and a step closer to the solution.
Water is a necessity of life. Fortunately most travel in developed nation’s tap water is your friend so refilling your bottles is a safe and simple task. In a world where one in nine people don’t have reliable access to clean water it’s just common sense to take advantage of this privilege, rather than paying for something that is bad for your wallet and even worse for the planet.
Refilling safely in developing nations can at times prove to be a challenge, though certainly worth the extra effort considering the infrastructure for waste management in these places.
Some countries have filtered water dispensers to put coins in and fill up on the street in front of store fronts and local businesses. In many of these countries though you will find it’s the norm for most restaurants and accommodations to have 20L blue water drums. This water is usually offered to guests and patrons for free or if you have not used their facilities a small fee is understandably applied.
Travel Plastic Free Refillable Water Bottle BPA Free Cotton Tote Bag Senda Essentials
Our sticker is for this exactly, to ask local businesses not already selling water this way and offer a sustainable option for them to provide consumers with, whilst also making considerably more income from its sale than bottled water. In our experience most people have been very willing to let us refill however there were times due to language barriers we struggled to explain why we wanted to pay to refill and not buy plastic bottled water. It’s worth the little effort when you can share a different set of needs for travellers and a more sustainable practice.
We opted for two practical sized bottles, the 800ml Stainless Steel being the go to everyday carry and the foldable for those days when you are going to work up a sweat. Both equalling to 1.4L rather than one large bottle taking up unnecessary space and adding extra weight to your day to day carry.
In most places we have ever stayed our accommodation normally has facilities to get your lunchbox cleaned. If this is not the case, don’t be shy and ask your host or the staff from where you will purchase your next meal if they would mind doing it for you. You could offer a small compensation depending on the circumstances.
The rest of your essentials are pretty simple to implement in the day to day, the main thing is to carry them so when you stop for that drink you can simply say “I don’t need a plastic straw thanks” as you show your bamboo alternative.
 By the way, your dirty cutlery set fits inside your lunchbox to keep your bag clean.
We are travellers, already a resourceful bunch, we know you will figure it out!
Travel Plastic Free 800ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle BPA Free Bamboo Lunchbox BPA Free Cotton Tote Bag Wooden Cutlery Set & Bamboo Straw Senda Essentials